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General Mills to Shrink Sugar Content in Cereal

Progressive Grocer

Champagne Bureau Debuts Effort to ‘Unmask’ Impostors

Adweek “Unmask the Truth” raises awareness of American sparkling wine producers who incorrectly label their products as “champagne.”

Black Friday Shoppers Plan to Buy for Themselves

Gourmet Retailer
Consumers won’t just be scouting gifts for friends and family come Black Friday.

ESPN Deportes Winter Baseball Push Takes Flight

ESPN Deportes launched a new campaign for its Dominican winter baseball season.

Coca-Cola Unifies Juice Brand Designs


The Coca-Cola Company has re-designed the packaging for its portfolio of global juice brands

13,750-square-foot iPod board goes missing

AdFreak | Adweek
A gargantuan iPod Touch billboard disappeared from its scaffolding in Boston this week.

Subway Serves Up Seattle’s Best

Subway has added Seattle’s Best to its breakfast menu.

Maritz-Synergy Partnership Brings Together Cash and Non-Cash Rewards

Incentive Magazine Maritz hopes that cash and non-cash rewards can get along.

Guests Do the Honors for Marriott

Marriott is showcasing its colorful clientele in a new advertising campaign.

51 Percent of Employers to Bolster Wellness Offerings

Media Job Market
Even during a recession employers don’t back down on employee health benefits

Fox builds record-breaking ice squirrel for ‘Ice Age’ DVD release

Instead of striving for record-breaking DVD sales, Twentieth Century Fox decided it would be more cost-efficient to break a record by building the tallest ice sculpture.

Volkswagen’s Virtual GTI Launch

Volkswagen is promoting its 2010 GTI vehicle by putting consumers behind the wheel of a new iPhone application.

NBA Looks to Score More Hispanic Fans

The “éne•bé•a” campaign will highlight the NBA’s Latino players.

Jelly Belly Puts a New Spin on ‘Gag Gifts’


In time for Halloween, the Jelly Belly Candy Company has launched a line of gift candies that will both trick and treat. performers decent on stage but suck at office jobs

Brandweek | BrandFreak
Performing in Vegas is a hard job. To prove this point, put some of Sin City’s finest to work.

Hyatt Aims to Make Meetings More Personal

Successful Meetings Hyatt thinks it’s time to return to face-to-face social interaction.

Best Buy wants your scariest, most obsolete gadget or appliance

Brandweek | BrandFreak
Finally, there’s hope for those living in dark, damp, technology-deprived caves.

The New Retirement Plan: Perpetual Work

Incentive Magazine Americans will be working farther into retirement age than before

McDonald’s wants your best hamburger slogan in just two words

Brandweek | BrandFreak
Two-word billboard slogans seemed like the best way to tell them that this “Magnificent Mouthful” is “Within Reach.” What more could you want from a “Dinner Winner?”

Faith Hill Fragrance Smells Success Online

Adweek Faiith Hill Parfums is sniffing out consumers with a series of Webisodes,

Employers Bearish on Benefits Budgets

Millennials Maintain Bleak Hiring Hopes

Media Job Market

Employees Spend Less Time Holiday Shopping on the Job

Media Job Market
According to a survey by job search service Accountemps of 455 part-time or full-time employees, the amount of time staffers plan to shop online while on the clock decreased to an average of 1.9 hours a week.

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