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McDonald’s wants your best hamburger slogan in just two words

Brandweek | Adweek
Two-word billboard slogans seemed like the best way to tell them that this “Magnificent Mouthful” is “Within Reach.” What more could you want from a “Dinner Winner?”

Fox builds record-breaking ice squirrel for ‘Ice Age’ DVD release

Instead of striving for record-breaking DVD sales, Twentieth Century Fox decided it would be more cost-efficient to break a record by building the tallest ice sculpture.

Vegas.com performers decent on stage but suck at office jobs

Brandweek | BrandFreak
Performing in Vegas is a hard job. To prove this point, Vegas.com put some of Sin City’s finest to work.

Best Buy wants your scariest, most obsolete gadget or appliance

Brandweek | BrandFreak
Finally, there’s hope for those living in dark, damp, technology-deprived caves.