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13,750-square-foot iPod board goes missing

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A gargantuan iPod Touch billboard disappeared from its scaffolding in Boston this week.

The Internet’s Chirping: The Newest On Climate Change Is Bird Maps

Social Media Week News
This week the internet is going crazy about birds. The National Audubon Society released a 7-year study on climate change’s effects on bird population and people are listening.

Person-to-Person Lending: Is Financial Democracy a Click Away?

United States Agency for International Development

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“What is your North Pole?” explorer Barbara Hillary asks a crowd of New York outdoor enthusiasts a few weeks ago.

11 Outdoors Hacks for City Dwellers

The Clymb Stories
As a city-dweller, accessing the great out­doors isn’t impo­ssi­ble; you just need a few good hacks.

Turn on your computer & reconnect with nature.

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In less than two months, oceanographic explorer Fabien Cousteau and his team will scuba dive down sixty-three feet to Aquarius

The Why

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I moved out to Utah for the snow – and good lord there was a lot of it.

Whoopsies: I’m a Social Entrepreneur

PresenTense Fellowship
I didn’t mean to become a social entrepreneur. It happened so fast and before I knew it my tweets had a funny new hashtag.