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Take Public Transportation to Your Next Adventure

Outside Magazine
It’s easier than ever to jump on a bus, bike, train, or trolley to climb, paddle, hike, and camp.

Two New Yorkers Stand Up Paddleboard to Miami

Misadventures Magazine
Julieta Gismondi and Lou Anne Harris started their epic journey from the middle of New York City by loading up their Stand Up Paddleboards at Pier 84 in Midtown Manhattan.

5 Women You Should Know from the NoMan’s Land Film Festival

REI Co-op Journal
These women are changing the world of adventure film, outdoor sports and beyond.

Three First Dates in Boulder, Colorado

Outside Magazine
We sent our intrepid writer—a transplant from New York City—to look for love in America’s most outdoorsy town

7 Women-Specific Backcountry Ski Programs

REI Co-op Journal
Whether you’re looking for an avalanche safety course or a guided hut trip, these clinics and trips are the best in North America.

Discovering The Outdoors Within City Limits

It can seem tough to balance your adventurous spirit with city living, but these micro adventures all exist within the city limits to bring you easy access to climbing, hiking, snowshoeing and cross country skiing.

When 30 Days Turns to 365

Rockaway Times
The rules of the challenge were straightforward: each day for 30 consecutive days, I must find and participate in a new outdoor adventure from yoga to kayaking to biking.

Two-Day Escape into the Stunning Stockholm Nature

Pink Pangea
When I head to a new city I always commit part of my time to exploring its natural areas. Hiking, biking, and boating abroad give me a peek into the global lifestyle options of others who, like me, live in urban centers and want to feed their passion for the outdoors.

Discovering Los Angeles Through Its Outdoor Spaces

Pink Pangea
I arrived in Los Angeles two days after my visit to San Francisco and decided, yet again that a hike was needed to fully introduce myself to the city.

Discovering San Francisco Through its Outdoor Spaces

Pink Pangea
Every time I visit a new city, I first look to outdoor recreation as my way to explore. My first day in Vienna was spent on a bike, Capetown on a long run, and most recently – San Francisco in hiking boots.

30 Days in the Rockaways

What does a total commitment to living in the city and loving the outdoors look like? Living for 30 Days at Rockaway Beach and tracking my adventures…

The Ladies Ski Club

Pink Pangea
This February, I was invited to spend a day with the Ladies Ski Club at Sugarbush, one of New England’s largest ski resorts located in Vermont’s Mad River Valley.

Searching for Snow

Pink Pangea
I’d been to Deer Valley once as I child. I remembered nothing of the skiing and only a little of the Utah resort–mainly a souvenir shop where we purchased an extremely large ceramic mug that my brother and I would fight over for years.

Working Hard When No One is Looking

OutdoorFest Blog
Wednesday afternoon climbers Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson moved from sponsored athletes to climbing superstars…

Skiing in Vermont

Pink Pangea
The initial plan was to leave New York on Saturday morning to go skiing in Vermont for International Women’s Ski Day (IWSD).

Jumper Profile

“What is your North Pole?” explorer Barbara Hillary asks a crowd of New York outdoor enthusiasts a few weeks ago.

11 Outdoors Hacks for City Dwellers

The Clymb Stories
As a city-dweller, accessing the great out­doors isn’t impo­ssi­ble; you just need a few good hacks.

Five Boroughs in 30 Minutes

New York Travel Festival
A few weeks ago I spoke at the second annual NY Trav Fest about how to travel within the city limits.

Turn on your computer & reconnect with nature.

OutdoorFest Blog

In less than two months, oceanographic explorer Fabien Cousteau and his team will scuba dive down sixty-three feet to Aquarius

The Why

OutdoorFest blog
I moved out to Utah for the snow – and good lord there was a lot of it.

Climbing the Hardest Route

Discover Outdoors Journal
As I write this, three of the best climbers in the world are literally hanging on the side of a sheer rock face waiting for night to fall so they can begin climbing again. The only true way down? Finishing the route or the onset of winter

Returning After Adventure

Discover Outdoors Journal
The hardest parts of adventuring are not the 16-miles of hard hiking or the bug bites from camping out. The hardest part is the return to routine.

Trail Reading: A Walk in the Woods

Discover Outdoors Journal
While Bryson tells the story as a personal account of his hiking, it is interlaced with the deep history of the trail as well as a critique of America’s misuse of natural resources.